Where I can get a complete list of your models? What about pictures?
You can get a comprensive list of our models from our gallery at

What scale are these models?
Models are pretty much in the 32mm scale (beside somes more fit for the
28mm scale we have labeled them as fine scale).

What material will be they?
They are going to be cast in lead free White metal.

Where I can get your models?
We will launch a Kickstarter campaign on September 2017.

Will they be also avaiable later after the kickstarter?
There might be limited quantities for sale but we probably will be unable to offer 
them at the Kickstarter prices. If you really want some of our miniature, your
best bet is to join the Kickstarter campaign.

What prices are they going to cost?
We know and understand prices are a major concern we are doing our best to
keep them reasonable. We also plan to offer you deals to buy models in group to
save even more.

Where I can get the latest news?
We use our facebook page to keep people informed and up to date.

How do I contact you?
If you wish to contact us you can through our facebook page or write us at
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